道可道 非常道
名可名 非常名....

Ways may be spoken of as dao, but they are not the
eternal Dao;
Names may be cited as names, but they are not the
eternal name....

- Laozi [verse 1, partial text]

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the name, Po Shen

Actually, I like the name, Po Shen, because the name can have some pretty deep meanings. In Chinese, many words can have the same Pinyin (English) spelling, yet be represented by different characters, as well as different tones! I just like to ponder on the possible meanings.

Cool Meaning 1: Kung Fu Panda For example, the meaning of the name can be as simple as the fact that I enjoy the character, Po, in Kung Fu Panda (link to official Kung Fu Panda website will open in a new window). Also, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Chinese character, 神 (Shen, with rising second tone), can be translated into English as, Heart Spirit. The intended meaning of this word, as best as we can translate into English, is as a "quality of something", like in the phrase from Kung Fu Panda, when Crane says, "You can chain my body, but you will never chain my warrior spirit!" So, Po Shen can mean, "The Heart Spirit of Po". If you know about Po's character in Kung Fu Panda, then you know he's a good guy - er, Panda - so that's kinda awesome.

Cool Meaning 2: That's so Deep! As mentioned above, several Chinese characters can have the same English spelling, yet be different words altogether. Other meanings of Shen can be 身 (body - neutral first tone), or 深 (deep - also neutral first tone). Since I am fond of pondering, another meaning of Po Shen could be, "Deep Heart Essence of the Physical Body".

Ok, you get the idea...I'm fond of pondering. ;]
All in all, I think the name, Po Shen, sounds kind of awesome. I use it as a nickname and a pen name.

Note: I'll soon post some more technical / scholarly articles about the Chinese characters, Po and Shen, under the Healing Arts section of the site.