I'm Darren Brooks, and this is my online sandbox - a place to share projects and ideas, and to share my life's work in the fields of web development, martial arts training and the healing arts. It is an online portfolio yet, right from the start, I want it to be more. I have a quite a lot of material to organize and this site is brand spanking new, so I hope you'll have patience and check back again to see how the site is growing.

The Making of Po Shen's Workshop

If you are interested in finding out more about the web technologies used in creating this site, check out all the web development technologies I used and things I did to create this site.

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A Common Thread...Pool

Computer programming, martial arts and healing arts - what could they have in common? At first glance, one appears to be about computers, another about fighting and yet another about, well, healing. Yet what if we don't stop there? What if we take one more step beyond the notions we carry about these three pursuits, and look deeper?

About the Name, Po Shen

Some awesome good friends (who are a major influence in my life) gave me the nickname, Po Shen. In addition to being a Web Developer, I am also an acupuncturist and herbalist. When I mix up herbal formulas for folks, I have a tendency to refer to them as, "magic potions". Hence, potion becomes, Po Shen.

What's fascinating about my nickname / pen name, though, is that the name Po Shen actually has some deep meanings in the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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